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@ TheN00bBuilder
I'm envious of your Business Class internet. The best I can get down here is 6MBPS from ATT DSL that costs an arm and a leg. I'd imagine your service costs less than mine. 64.99 a month for me.

No need to be envious. I'm sure I'll probably come across as an elitist - again - but I need to be truthful in saying that internet speeds in the U.S. are pathetic at best. Actually we suck in all areas of technology but just don't realize it. Even China has high speed rail. Our trains are noted for being able to derail - while standing still.

Even Google fiber is half the speed of internet in Japan; and I think the last time I checked the U.S. is ranked about #20 (possibly lower) in the world for internet speed. Unfortunately we Americans are a passive people and don't speak up about how this slowsky speed is crippling us in international business.

My Comcast Business Class is priced about $110.00 per month and is nothing more than ADSL. Years ago, I had SDSL which was much faster. Comcast wants more than $1K per month for fiber optic. When I asked the technician why, he hit me with that tired old last mile argument. I told him that I had been hearing that since the mid 90's and was no longer in the mood to hear that excuse any more, especially since fiber optic cable is much cheaper to produce than copper. Ugh! Don't get me started on how far this country is behind in just about all areas of consumer technologies. As a professor from Taiwan told me, "you Americans have high technology in the laboratory. We have it in our daily lives".

Nah, TheN00bBuilder, no need for you to be jealous of my slow-speed internet. My striking good looks and rock-hard abs - well, that's a whole 'nother story. thumbsupsmiley.png

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