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I have sabertooth 990fx r02 with roomtemp around 20c and 2x 200 fans(front and side) where the side blows directly on the MB and 1x140 back exhaust and ofc 2x140 for top rad(soon 4xfans) think my temps on MB and nb is around 25-32c IF they are correct tongue.gif and the kraken on the CPU so it itself radiate no heat around..mosfets and so have the "ceramique with 50% bigger heat surface..millitary grader stuff" so guess those heatsinks can handle some work?smile.gif

IF the temp was the wall i would of course settle with my clocks but since it runs cool but on higher volts i cant help the temptation, what if 4,8 or 5ghz would be possible with only 1more bump vcore or so..

Would you say hits worth a shot or is the gains smaller han potential failure?

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