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theres alot of big gains as you go up. Check mine out at 4.8ghz I got the highest graphics score out of anyone with a 8350 and a single 7870 gpu. But because the first 3 people have the 8350 clocked to 5.2ghz i am unable to pass there scores:



2nd link shows comparison to 1st place. 5.2ghz gives enough to beat me with a better physics score.

Theres lots of improvements in single core performance as you go up aswell. Its worth it if you can cool it well enough biggrin.gif. The difference between 4.7 to 4.8 is probably not worth it if you have to do a huge vcore jump. but if you get up to 4.9-5.0 its probably worth it. (you may not be able to youd be amazed how many clicks up you may have to go to get 5.0 stable.)

I am bout to head to work but good luck thumb.gif will check back later to see if you need help or your results if you post em biggrin.gif
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