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Hey again:)

no new fans today..just didnt have the time,but got my fx4300 stable now with this current settings:

validation link: with better photo of my settings

as you can see the vcore skyrocks up a bit(even when i put 1,55 in bios..also increased the cpu vdd to 2,5v and lowered vcore by 1 point(0,025 or something) at least it [email protected] 4,8ghz now.
it boots into 5ghz but will freeze even with vcore set to 1,55(skyrocks to 1,6!!! upon stressing) same with 4950(x20 multi/250fsb) but there it will stresstest until core fails or bsod "irq_less_or_equal" so it seems like 4,8 is my ceiling:( if it isnt some setting i dont know about that will help thou? any tips guys?=)

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