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Team Vikings

-thanks TheBlademaster01 for the logo -
Main Forum Folding War thread.

Team Vikings is a team that finds its origins in the far Northern section of Europe. Vikings are noble individuals renowned for their technical prowess, high moral values and companionship. Legend has it that Vikings are prosperous folders that are blessed by the WU assigning gods due to centuries of commitment to folding. To be a Viking means folding with commitment, folding without compromises!


  • Sid Meiers Civilization V (Steam) - donated by PR-Imagery
  • Metro 2033 (Steam) - donated by PR-Imagery
  • Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB kit (2*4GB 1600Mhz) - donated by PR-Imagery
  • HGST Touro Mobile 1TB USB 3.0 Black External Hard Drive 1tb - donated by PR-Imagery
  • Batman Arkham Origins (Steam) (special 24/7 prize) - donated by arvidab

Team avatars (Click to show)

Thank you PR-Imagery for the avatars

The Forum Folding War is a week long event, from the 2nd-8th of December. The event starts at 12pm EST/5pm GMT, countdown.

• For those of you with Folding names, you can use those names for the War. No need to change anything in the folding software, just sign up using the link above.

• Those of you without can either make a new one and qualify for bonuses yourself (10 SMP WUs), or can use the team name:

New folders/folders without names (Click to show)
Team Folding name: OCN_Vikings (case sensitive)
Passkey: ecea340264c1b23efa8a5650756e0bc3
Team Number: 37726

Note: If you use the team name, you will need to provide proof to qualify for prizes. Check the "How do I win?" section of the main thread here.

If you need a hand with anything, go ahead and shoot me a PM; I'd be more than happy to help smile.gif

Thanks for signing up, and good luck. thumb.gif
Reminder PM's will go out to anyone who signs up, 24 hours before start.

Sig Link:
[center]:medieval:[URL=https://www.overclock.net/t/1440610/2013-forum-folding-war-team-vikings/][b][i]OCN Forum Folding War - Team Vikings![/i][/b][/URL] :medieval:[/center]

2012 FFW finishing score (Click to show)

1st place

with 40,147,703 total points

from 40 vikings

doing 5,735,386 PPD

with 1,003,692 PPV (points per viking)

finishing 9,402,109 points ahead of BBQ

winning with 16 FFW-points

Total points (Click to show)
Fighting vikings (Click to show)
Points per viking (Click to show)
Rank (Click to show)

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