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Originally Posted by Jakewat View Post

Do you realize that having tubing come out the top of the reservoir will required an M2 to G1/4 adapter? also you would probably be better off buying the pump and res separately as they will cost less and that combo is more designed to have the inlet and outlet at the base of the res where the pump is. You also should be thinking/ planning for angled adapters, fill ports and drain ports to make the loop easier to use.

I recommend buying all your larger parts, eg rads, res, blocks. And planning out your loop before deciding on fittings.

Finally, have you decided on fans for the rads? best to look at gentle typhoons or a few others with very good static pressures. http://www.frozencpu.com/products/10323/fan-674/Scythe_Gentle_Typhoon_120mm_x_25mm_Fan_-_1850_RPM_D1225C12B5AP-15_Hot_Item_.html?tl=g36c15s60

Seeing as I have a few weeks or so until EK releases the GTX 780 Ti blocks, I do have some time to play with my water-cooling setup (I haven't ordered the parts yet, going to order them all at once)

I am aware that the XSPC Photon res contradicts the diagram I created in the initial post - Something that I am still deciding on. I do prefer the XSPC Photon reservoir over all of the others that I've seen, however the only issue is the M20 to G1/4" adapter installed will not allow me to fill the reservoir from the top... I'm thinking of using a Y-splitter and having one inlet port and the other as a fill port.

However, as you said, I am considering ordering my larger parts first to see how they would fit in my build.
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