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Originally Posted by aXque View Post

I found something interesting, (maybe). Apart from that my bios is 80.80 it says that my board is GK110B and P2083.
What does this mean?

Also if you don't have anyone to test the msi gaming I can, as far as I can tell I can always use the intel GPU to flash back to my original vbios, right?
YES, if you tested it that would be very nice from you. Sure that if you have 80.80. bios on your MSI gaming card that means you must have GK110B board (and also because GPU-z most likely read the "revision" badly, you also would find out that your chip is B1 revision, if you would remove the cooler).

You can always flash it back - if your card is not compatible with this bios you also may see your screen on but with artifacts on system startup/bios/windows...in that case you dont even need to turn on your IGPU, if no singnal from display output then you need your IGPU...
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