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Originally Posted by Imprezzion View Post

Yeah well it seems there's 2 revisions of WF3, 1.0 and 2.0.
Do both revs use a programmable controller? Do you happen to know this?
If only one of the 2 revs has a programmable controller i'll just ask my mate at a store where i'm going to buy it to pick out that specific ref is he has it in stock as it SHOULD be on the sticker on the box which rev it is.
Well, mine didn't have that chip as it was a review sample and was in terms of age older then any production model. Had the old chip.
Also Elpida. Which was the problem It wouldn't give artifacts, performance wouldn't drop either. It would just randomly BSOD and crash the driver with ANY overclock on VRAM.'
Also, BIOS would randomly ''forget'' to apply voltage in 3D mode after going back to 2d voltages so it would crash out as well.

Add to that the less-then-impressive noise / cooling performance of the card compared to a WF3/DCII and it was a go for the sale.

very easy way to check it before google the chip controller.

Navigate to C\Program Files (x86)\MSI Afterburner " I assume is there or where you have it installed"
Just do one click in the AB directory hold "SHIFT" right click and select "open command window here" command prompt will popup.
type "msiafterburner /ri3,20,99" whitout quote if it return "41" you can unlock 1.3v or
"msiafterburner /ri4,20,99" whitout quote if it return "41" you can unlock 1.3v

if not you are crimped to 1.212v wink.gif

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