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Ok, so here is what is going on with the panel nowadays.

My exact setup is as follows:

i7 2600k
asrock extreme4 z77
r9 290
Catalyst 14.2 beta
16gb of ram
seiki se39uy04

Once I downloaded and installed drivers I used amd pixel patcher to patch the HDMI spec.

I then downloaded Toastyx's custom resolution utility.

BEFORE Adding anything with toasty's CRU I suggest adding the resolution. I don't know the steps on how to do it on NVIDIA. In order to add any resolution into CCC that you want follow these steps:

1. Run regedit with administrative privileges.
2. Navigate to your 2d Driver file path. The path can be found in CCC under information: software. It should be under hkeylocalmachine/system/controlset001/control/class/ (the last part of the path is specific to each driver version).
3. Click on it and double click the reg file titled "DALNonStandardModesBCD2"
4. Edit this file.

The syntax in the file may seem a little confusing. The first four numbers are for the horizontal resolution, the next four numbers are the vertical resolution. The next eight numbers are for color settings that I am not going to get into. The final two numbers are for refresh rate. Leave the refresh rate 00, as this will make windows search for all driver level added refresh rates.

For example, if I wanted to add 3200x1800 I would type:

32 00 18 00 00 00 00 00 00

Regedit will add another line automatically once all fields are populated.

5. NOW YOU CAN ADD THAT RESOLUTION TO CRU. Your TV should accept any signal that is added via the registry at any refresh rate as long as the pixel clock is under 295mhz. I believe this is a firmware limit, but I am not sure. The hardware limit should be 315mhz.

YOU MUST HAVE GPU SCALING OFF FOR THESE CUSTOM RESOLUTIONS. Scaling by the TV varies greatly. For example, 3200x1800 looks better than 1440p for me and waaaayyy better than 1080p. If I change the resolution to 3216x1809 it scales horribly and looks worse than 1080p.


You can change existing resolutions to higher refresh rates as long as the pixel clock is under 295mhz.

Resolutions that are tested and passing a UFO blur test and scale well for me:

3840x2160 @ 33hz
3200x1800 @ 47hz
2560x1440 @ 72hz
1920x1080 @ 125hz

If something doesn't scale well for you:

I'm not lying to you, as ae-?a has pointed out, some seiki 39 inch panels seem to work differently than others. Also make sure you flash your firmware to the 50 inch version. This did improve scaling for me.

My advice: see what looks good on your panel. At the very least, you should be able to get a few more hz out of the panel using this trick. I'm sure other resolutions work fine, I just haven't tested them. If you have something that works well and you think looks good let me know and I'll test them and add it to this OP.

If the 50 inch firmware doesn't work for you, try this custom one made by ae-?a
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