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Originally Posted by salamachaa View Post

Hey guys. I have been playing with my Seiki se39uy04. I got it going at 2560x1440 at 60 hz. Proof: http://imgur.com/5MTxfqS

I am going to shoot for other things as well. Anyone know a good test for 120hz?

The Scaler does not handle resolution above 1920x1080 correctly unless you got some newer panel or something.

I have gone into this in detail on hardforum which nobody seemed to believe initially that things are just getting interpolated down to 1080p then upscaled to 4k:

50 inch:

39 inch:


Honestly I am surprised that nobody found this horrible scaling so obviously horrible of the several people who said they ran at 1440p and it was 'working' as I do not consider that to be 'working.'
Originally Posted by salamachaa View Post

I have thus been unsuccessful in getting 120hz on my tv. I think it is a firmware issue that seiki plans on updating on an indefinate "soon". The 50 inch model does get true 120hz though.

I am just glad to get 1440p at 60hz out of the thing. The TV properly recognizes it once the EDID is forced to it via Toasty's CRU. There just seems to not be any way to get the TV to cooperate in any kind of 120hz at over 720p.

My last email from Seiki on the 13th of November was:

I have some movement on our end. Our engineering team says they can address the issue easily, but they would like to get their hands on the test signal that you used to generate the artifact issue. Is this something you can send to us?

(The refresh rate multi-tool which I gave them a link to). Not totally sure why they called it an 'artifact' issue as its a frame drop issue, LOL.
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