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Originally Posted by salamachaa View Post

I don't know honestly. The panel itself put itself in a 2560x1440p mode that was programmed into it but unreachable by other means. The picture is noticeably sharper than running in 1080p mode. Have you tried flashing your firmware lately? I just flashed it Friday. There are two different firmwares on their site for the same model. The only difference seems to be options it enables in the menu.

Can you take a picture with a camera or something very close to text or something? that should make it pretty obvious...

I am using the one from 08/28 which is the newest one they published. I actually got that one in my correspondents with seiki before they had it on their site. Since the 39 and 50 inch both have this issue I would be amazed if you did not unless its doing video card scaling but then it would only be 30 Hz (not 60).
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