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Originally Posted by oMalakai View Post

Oh, right. Sorry, I wrote that in the morning and hurr durr.
I still have a friend that used to play at something like 120 cm to 360 and that was pretty ridiculous already. He still have a really good aim, but, obviously had some problems with surprise attacks from behind and stuff (We play competitive TF2)

No worries. My point really was that this guy MUST have the acceleration kick in or he can't even do a 180. I can see why he needs a sleeve because he needs to move him mouse so fast so often. I prefer no sleeve because I like to use my wrist as a pivot when fingertiping for more precise aim. This guy gets precision through his very low base sensitivity. I find it amazing that his sensitivity changes by a factor of 8x between base speed and max acceleration speed, I don't think my brain could handle that (I imagine it would feel like switching quickly between 500 DPI and 4000 DPI in game on the fly).
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