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Originally Posted by Q5Grafx View Post

i dont know but i think you people complaining about coil whine must have gotten one dropped in shipping or something. I own 2 seasonics and they make almost no noise at all. I do maintain my computer regularly by cleaning it out weekly but i love my seasonics and they have treated me well. and as for the guy claiming his seasonic blew up everything in his box i can almost guarantee there was a shrt somewhere like a screw under the mobo or overclocked his machine way past tolerances. for $20 buy a psu tester just plug it in and turn on the psu.

I have 3 platinum PSUs from Seasonic and my latest one (860XP2) has significant coil whine. It was really noticeable at first but after a couple days it got pretty bad. Customer service was really helpful in the RMA process and I should have the replacement shortly.

I never thought that "coil whine" was really and issue either, but sounds like when its noticeable, its bad. You have two good units and thats how it should be thumb.gif

To me both quality and customer service count, and in my experience Seasonic has been good in both.
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