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CPU Batch # Section for IB-E's (Should dump this in the IB-E club if there is one)

Batch #'s

3320A573 ES (4.5GHz cinebench @ 1.4v) (4.99ghz @ 1.496V)
3321A576 ES (4.7GHz cinebench @ 1.35v, (5005 Mhz @ 1.472v) 5750MHz 3DMark vantage @ 1.7v LN2, CB -150 )
3330A936 (4,8 GHz cinebench @ 1,50v)
3325A993 5GHz / 1.42v

3320A829 ES (4.6GHz cinebench @ 1.4v)
3326B664 (5.0GHz cinebench @ 1.256v SS cooling)
3328A983 (4.6GHz cinebench @ 1.4v, 5650MHz 3DMark vantage @ 1.7v LN2, no CB)
3325A911 @ 4.7GHz cinebench @ 1.29 volt air-cooling
No CB but CBB at -170 which is not bad
4,7 GHz primestable at 1,32 Volt on air
5,8 GHz Vantage stable at 1,75 Volt
5,85 GHz wPrime stable at 1,75 Volt
3326A994 4.6 GHz Cinebench 11.5 @ 1.4V air cooling 5 GHz under SS @ -45 with 1.55V
3327A694 cine [email protected] ss -40 / [email protected] cascade -102
3326B662 4650 6/12ht vantage cpu test 1.43v/water
3332BXXX 4600 1.3V vantage max on ln2 5400 vantage 5500 3D11
3326B667 ( Cinebench @ 4.9 / 1.4v ) 4.7ghz at 1.37v on a H100 Temps Sit around 65-70C Full Load with Prime
These puppies overclock better when you raise the BLCK instead of just going Multi only.
3332B081 (4500 1.2v vantage & cinebench ) (4700 1.35v vantage & cinebench) (5000 6c/6t 1.48v 32m)
3326B668 4.7ghz @ 1.392v

3325A984 (4.9GHz cinebench @ 1.5v)
3327A808 (5ghz @ 1.424v)

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