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Originally i owned a X7 710BH , beautiful mouse, 100% accurate. One day I wanted to change the mouse and as I did not have much idea buy something flashy, the CM Storm Inferno, I can not explain how horrible this mouse is, totally inacuarate ( in very slow movement )

for example, i move the mouse 2 inch , in the screen move 1 inch , its impossible to aim in FPS gaime with de CM storm , so i tired to use this mouse and i need buy a new one ,i dont have much money , i see this mouses

Roccat Kova+
Roccat Savu
Razer Deathadder 2013
Corsair Vengance M65
Logitech G400s

which recommend buying ?? i play FPS games ( MW3 , BF4 )

Sorry for my english i spanish spoken

Tank for any help !!

EDIT: i have a TT sport Conkor Pad
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