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Originally Posted by skupples View Post

The extra 4pin @ the top, & the molex at the bottom are optional. The one @ the top is recomended for heavy CPU OC, & the one @ the bottom is recommended for 3+ GPU's...

Good new's NCIX suckers. They are now saying that they expect to get the shipment in today, with shipping beginning tomorrow. Call them direct, & they will likely bump you up to free over night shipping.

Thank Luna P for setting up the awesome owners club page!

Originally Posted by BOB850123 View Post

Here is a temporary pic until my board arrives tomorrow!

Originally Posted by kpoeticg View Post

Yo Luna man, Thanx for biting the bullet and starting the club tongue.gif
Also thanx for takin the time to do it properly. Good stuff thumb.gif

No problem, glad to be a team player biggrin.gif Grats Guys! Can't wait to hear what you do w/ em ! x3 Adding now! Still working on the layout and design, sorry it's been slow, been a busy day @ work lol. Will work on it more after I get home biggrin.gif
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K, just so everyone knows. I now owe KpoeticG a AC:9999 CD key when my board shows up. redface.gif

I'll add it to the OP biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Skupples 
Don't do business with NCIX!
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