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Originally Posted by MxPhenom 216 View Post

Awesome man. Thanks for the info. +rep. Excited to see the finished product. I just have a week of finals left till I can go home and rebuild my rig into my new 750D sitting there. Should be good.

Also are you mixing up that vinegar in water and heating it up to clean out the radiators?

Thanks thumb.gif

Correct. I used a 80/20 ratio (distilled water/distilled vinegar). I heated it up to the point where it was quite warm, but not so warm that it was actually boiling. I let the solution sit in the radiators for about an hour, and then filled it up a couple more times with the distilled vinegar/water solution, gave it a nice shake, and poured it out. Then 3 more times after with straight distilled water. For the blocks and tubing, I simply rinsed them for a bit with distilled water and let them dry.

I think it worked quite well, as the last couple times I flushed them out, the water that came out was crystal clear. I do want to note that quite a bit of gunk came out the first couple times with the warm distilled water/vinegar mixture thumb.gif
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