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Originally Posted by darwing View Post

its funny because Im going to be doing the exact same build a little slower over the next month LOL different color scheme but basically the same 750d, 4770k delidded 2x780ti hahaha

My OCD is kicking in again with the tube routing, I think you should use the motherboard watercooling block and rout it like so in order to have no crossed tubes and cleaner runs

please excuse the cruidity of my drawing

Ps that SLI connector rocks did it come with the 780's?

No, I had to purchase the SLI connector seperately from EVGA.

Also, I tried routing it that way first, but I didn't like how it put alot of stress on the tubing... which is why I ended up switching it to this way. I'll keep playing around with it.

And I don't plan on using the motherboard block since it's aluminum redface.gif (even if ASUS says it's quadruple anodized)

Also, I can't use the fillport on my reservoir as an inlet port, so that wouldn't work either...
Originally Posted by Jakewat View Post

I don't necessarily agree with the mobo stock water cooling idea, but I do agree that cross over tubes are a bit of a nono for anyone that is OCD about their loops and looks worse IMO. If you could find a better route then that would really make the build look cleaner.

Agreed, I tried not crossing them first, but didn't like how they were fitting, and didn't want to waste my 45 degree angle compression fittings because I need them elsewhere.

Originally Posted by v1ral View Post

Big favor to ask, since your using bigger bards how do they fit/look in the mobo block? Any chance to test fit the fittings. When I do my build I will be using smaller fittings*always used 3/4 fittings* I'm wondering how the fatter fittings fit/look on that part.
I am debatmg in staying with 3/4 fittings or going 3/8.

Everything looks and fits great. I'm using 1/2" x 3/4" Bitspower compression fittings. Haven't run into any clearance issues yet anywhere in my build... it's ultimately going to be your call.
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