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Belial, perhaps you could add info on wiring individual LED's.

I've been researching them this past week and have ordered 30 "5mm Straw Hat Wide Angle Red LED - Ultra Bright" and a bunch of "510 ohm - 1/4 Watt Metal Film Resistors". I also got a 5m strip of 3528 LEDs as well. Based on what I could find on the website I need to include a 510 ohm resister for each LED when using a 12v power source. Prewired LEDs seem to have one included. I have a solderless breadboard and if all goes well, I'll just be soldering the resistors and wires to the LED's and "plugging" them into the breadboard which will be connected to my PSU.

I say "I'll be" above, but really my daughter will be doing the lighting. She has more recent experience soldering anyway. smile.gif

So, does it sound like I'm on the right path to you? I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff.
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