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Dell P2414H
Product page

Specification and Features
"Widescreen Full HD display with vivid clarity and a number of comfort and connectivity features that help speed production."


TFT central - "The Dell P2414H was a positive upgrade to the P series of screens. The move to the very popular IPS panel technology is a great move by Dell, and it can now offer some excellent all-round performance as a result. The technology brings wider viewing angles and more stable colours compared with alternative TN Film panels which have been used before. Readers will also be pleased that the move to IPS has not cut any corners, and the AG coating is nice and light and not overly grainy like older generations. The use of a flicker free backlight is also a positive result which we're sure will attract potential buyers. Dell have also avoided cutting corners with the stand and connectivity on the most part, with a wide range of easy to use ergonomics available. The only things we would have liked to see included were an HDMI port and maybe USB 3.0 really."

PCMONITORS - "The Dell P2414H puts LG’s latest 23.8” AH-IPS panel to excellent use. The P2414H does not use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to moderate backlight brightness and instead uses DC (Direct Current) modulation. The monitor is therefore considered to have a ‘flicker free’ backlight, which will be welcome news for some individuals who suffer visual discomfort from monitors using PWM-regulated backlights. The colour performance was also pleasing with pretty good results straight from the box. Following a few minor tweaks in the OSD you were greeted with a rich and varied image that makes for very enjoyable gaming and general computing. Given the excellent all-round performance and appealing price this is certainly a model we recommend considering."

Gallery Gallery (Click to show)

ISO 800 exposure -2

Overclock guide to 80Hz Overclock guide (Click to show)

Use displayport connection.
In windows 8.1:
Press Win + R and type: CustomModeApp
Set accordingly:
Horizontal Active: 1920
Horizontal Front Porch: 30
Horizontal Sync Width: 40
Horizontal Back Porch: 45
Horizontal Total: 2035
Horizontal Sync: +

Vertical Active: 1080
Vertical Front Porch: 3
Vertical Sync Width: 4
Vertical Back Porch: 5
Vertical Total: 1092
Vertical Sync: +

80Hz no frame skipping

Color profile setup, brightness and contrast Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I have set brightness to 34 and contrast to 65 (60 for low light conditions, 65 for normal 75 for very bright conditions)
Color format 'RGB'
Preset mode to 'Custom preset' with
Red: 93
Green: 96
Blue: 99

More to add soon.

Feel free to ask about this monitor, write your comments and your guides!

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