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Hello, I was suggested this monitor by another OCN member to replace my Asus VE228 monitor. I have a dual monitor setup with another 19inch dell sitting right next to it. I noticed that the Dell is much more pleasurable to look at than the Asus. I have the whole story here https://www.overclock.net/t/1452178/what-should-i-do-about-eye-strain-issues just in caseyou want some back details.

I was wondering how comfortable is this monitor at its native resolution for reading long amounts of time? Also compared to a flicker monitor, is it noticeably comfortable? I fear spending 260+ dollars on this monitor won't yield me any upgrades except a smaller wallet.

I had eye strain, dizziness in a huge degree since i read a lot everyday, large texts, graphs new and old type pdfs. The oculist found none physical problem and after a long talk he claimed that fatigue from monitor reading is the cause.
I took this monitor cause i read that pwm free monitors are more comfortable on reading. I must admit that this is so true. I catch my self reading text from 20cm from the screen and i wonder why my eyes don't complain...I owned another dell ips monitor before this, so this big difference cant be from something else. By the time you connect the monitor and read a text you feel the difference.
Don't get me wrong, for sure others monitors will offer same or even better reading experience, but on that price range my experience only can say that this monitor is read comfortable. Of course i do continue small time breaks for eye relaxing and still use eye drops with uv filter.

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