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Originally Posted by Pheesh View Post

You are making the bold claim that it is placebo in the face of specific explanations about how it achieves those improvements. Why is it really so hard to believe that smooth motion would make tracking fast moving enemies much easier during your own fast movements? It's not difficult to understand. Do you disagree that smooth motion is easier to see instead of jerky motion?

I understand just fine. I also understand that the very top tier players probably benefit from this. I'm not a top tier player, but I'm quite competent. I've spent extensive time both with 120 Hz TN and 60 Hz IPS, and I'd take 60 Hz IPS ten times out of ten for gaming.

However, 99% of the way in which 120 Hz panels get talked about is a bunch of marketing bunk or repetitions of marketing bunk. Most players will see no improvement other than placebo, because they are not so skilled that their gameplay is hampered at times by a 60 Hz refreshrate with lackluster response time.

Like I said - go find something other than anecdote to prove me wrong if you are so confident of your own position. If my claims are so bold, surely that wouldn't be hard rolleyes.gif

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