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Originally Posted by Seallone View Post

!20hz is good, but then very bad with intell and nvidia, becouse new games come out, and dont run 120hz native. so you have to upgrade every 6months. cpu gpu . Im looking into mantal, at least AMD is looking at gmaing more. pros and cons.
Originally Posted by Seallone View Post

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No, Its a good idear sell me yours, and buy the gimmicky thing. I would love a 27 1440 ips 120, gysnc no need, i can adjust my own setting's.

Overlord monitors, will look into this thank you, + i dont have to stay with nvidia as well.

Question why do big firms, give us crap, ? TN

Is it because ony 1% of the pop, need 120 hz + so we end up with 10 year old tech on a 1440 @120hz

Is TN the only tech to give us the speed - blur ?
Will Oled help us. ?

?? LOL

If you think AMD is so great. That's fine, just buy AMD hardware. I don't mind. But you're not making much sense imo with your posts.

When I search for new hardware/upgrades I buy whichever company's product I approve at that given moment, don't care who made it...

Originally Posted by Kinaesthetic go_quote.gif

Enjoy the technology. Not the companies involved. Brand bias is what turns half the threads on OCN into garbage material.
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