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Originally Posted by xXSebaSXx View Post

I'll take it even further back... I was in my last year of elementary school (what US people call 5th grade) back in my country... It's the mid 80s and we get introduced to our very first computer class. We were learning two languages: Basic and LOGO.

Basic was kind of boring to me, but when we started with LOGO; it was like a magic door opened before me. Sure; Logo is just a simple drawing language, but with a bit of ingenuity and some math; we were able to create some very nice patterns. That's what got me interested in geometry and that led to trigonometry and after that; I was hooked. smile.gif

I was really hooked to maths when we started learning geometry in the 1st year at preparatory school (7th grade to the US guys)and since then I've loved maths specially geometry and trigonometry and now calculus,I think a lot of people hate maths because all the can see is rules and equations and they're only taught when to use them while not understanding why(at least that's what happens here) limits for example where people are only taught what they should do to find limits and they don't understand why or how they just apply a rule given to them and thus they'll hate it....
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