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Ok here is the deal after taking a time to looks at the XOCKPti.rom official bios for the 780 Ti Classy K|NGP|N.
I found out something that they did told us but a lot people out there still and not going to believe till a secondary person share the same thing.

So I'm that person to share what I found and believe me or not the freaking KPE GPU really don't have POWER LIMIT TDP at all

this is my conversation with Ed just now
[1:22:37 AM] skyn3t ocn: sup
[1:23:29 AM] skyn3t : <<smile.gif boost and all $4it if I want now
[1:23:48 AM] skyn3t : Now I need to unlock the power limit
[1:24:00 AM] skyn3t : so i can read it
[1:30:04 AM] skyn3t : oh $4it
[1:30:06 AM] skyn3t : lol
[1:30:13 AM] skyn3t : it has not power limit
[1:30:15 AM] skyn3t : hahahah
[1:30:49 AM] skyn3t : it draws what the GPU ask and what you give
[1:31:27 AM] OccamRazor: I read that somewhere
[1:31:36 AM] OccamRazor: it has no TDP
[1:32:02 AM] skyn3t : I know I read that too
[1:32:08 AM] skyn3t : he told it too
[1:32:25 AM] skyn3t : but but
[1:32:35 AM] skyn3t : no ####
[1:32:39 AM] skyn3t : it has nothing
[1:34:17 AM] skyn3t : it is just 12" pipe that goes all through
[1:34:21 AM] skyn3t : that's bizzare
[1:34:37 AM] OccamRazor: old school bios!

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