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Originally Posted by xXSebaSXx View Post

I'll take it even further back... I was in my last year of elementary school (what US people call 5th grade) back in my country... It's the mid 80s and we get introduced to our very first computer class. We were learning two languages: Basic and LOGO.

Basic was kind of boring to me, but when we started with LOGO; it was like a magic door opened before me. Sure; Logo is just a simple drawing language, but with a bit of ingenuity and some math; we were able to create some very nice patterns. That's what got me interested in geometry and that led to trigonometry and after that; I was hooked. smile.gif

Hmmm, Logo, is that what I learned back in middle school in the late 80's. I remember something like that where it's just a simple drawing language and drawing out pictures. It was like, you tell it start off with this grid of 100 x 100 or something and then tell it to fill this square with this color and such. I remember making a picture of Michael Jordan doing the free throw dunk. Other kids were just doing a picture because that's all the teacher taught, but I was the only one who actually animated it by thinking, hey, what if I told it to make this picture of Jordan starting the dunk then refresh it and draw out this other picture of Jordan dunking? Then we made it loop by asking, did you like it? Yes, then start the picture over again. Haha, was pretty cool.

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