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Originally Posted by seross69 View Post

That is great and I am glad to see good customer service.. but I wonder if this is because they know they have a problem and have not announced it or they are just that good at customer service. Time will tell but glad to see a company stand behind their products!!!

The same question I had in mind.

I read some newegg reviews on the Seasonic X 1250. I thought to myself, should I really buy another seasonic? I mean, they are good PSU and I was unfortunate but I don't know the actual cause of the problem.

Further reading some good/bad/silly reviews I noticed some claims of Seasonic advertising a 100+ amp 12v rail when it is 4 rail design

This thread and dozens of reviews are forcing me to never buy a seasonic again.

Sure many of these PSU are rebrand the problem is even for example Corsair, I was reading about the CX models on this forum a week ago, not sure exact problem but it seems every manufacturer and every oem psu or rebrand they use will range from good psu to bad. Example, thermaltake, TR series is terrible while the Tough Power is pretty decent.

I need to figure out what will be my best bet for a power supply to handle 3 290x, a OC haswell, and everything else connected in the rig, 20 fans, drives, waterpump... The whole shabang