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Originally Posted by shilka View Post

Some of the TR-2´s are bad thats the HEC models

The TR-2 model made by CWT and FSP are decent

Again get a EVGA SuperNova G2

If there is any information you can give me that will help me research this PSU I will consider it. You might know something reviews don't cover and save me time and money.

I'm looking at the Corsair AX1200i but if you can fill me in on why you have mentioned the EVGA supernova twice I will appreciate it thumb.gif

That single 12v rail on the ax1200i gets my eye seeing I'm going to be putting 3 290x on the rig and at max load I don't want to be stressing multiple rail designs like this x750 I had, I really can't learn from first hand experience anymore, going to have to dig the internet and hope the unit is as good as they say