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Originally Posted by INCREDIBLEHULK View Post

The same question I had in mind.

I read some newegg reviews on the Seasonic X 1250. I thought to myself, should I really buy another seasonic? I mean, they are good PSU and I was unfortunate but I don't know the actual cause of the problem.

Further reading some good/bad/silly reviews I noticed some claims of Seasonic advertising a 100+ amp 12v rail when it is 4 rail design

This thread and dozens of reviews are forcing me to never buy a seasonic again.

Sure many of these PSU are rebrand the problem is even for example Corsair, I was reading about the CX models on this forum a week ago, not sure exact problem but it seems every manufacturer and every oem psu or rebrand they use will range from good psu to bad. Example, thermaltake, TR series is terrible while the Tough Power is pretty decent.

I need to figure out what will be my best bet for a power supply to handle 3 290x, a OC haswell, and everything else connected in the rig, 20 fans, drives, waterpump... The whole shabang

I know it is hard when you have had a bad experience with a company but overall I really thing seasonic makes some of the best and most dependable PSU's not only for the money but overall. They actually make most of theirs and most companies their best PSU's are re-branded seasonics.

personally I am watching for more of these and also how the RMA's play out. to me that is very important. Like I said before I can understand your feelings on seasonic now but I think you should give them a chance to make it right because problem might actually be with the 290's... I still can not figure out or see how the PSU could cause this unless it is manufacturing quality control problems like pins not solder or crimped correctly or a isolation problem...

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