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v1 (Sept 2008- June 2010)
  • Vanilla Antec Three Hundred with just changing a few led fans updates and cut off some fan grills, nothing much going on.

v1.1 - Year 2010
  • Cut a window for side panel
  • Cut cable management holes
  • Painted the case to glossy black
  • Installed the U-Channel from Mnpctech

Dremel was all I had to use to cut the window.

Should have used matte black, would have saved all the hassle later on, but oh well...

Apparently, I didn't like the way the window look, so I decided to make a bigger cut

Just cut off some cable management holes...

This thing stinks, U channel is 100 times better!

RIP my old Gigabyte UD3, board was shorted since I placed one stand off to the wrong spot...

My old UD3 in the case.

If you are new to spray paint, don't make the same mistake like me, be sure to take everything apart before spraying, or else you'll regret it just like me...

Yeahhhh, U channel has finally arrived! Thanks Bill!

v1.2 - Year 2011
  • Sleeved PSU extension cables
  • Reverse case mod with some major system components upgrade.

For those who plan to reverse mod this case, it's totally possible.

IMO, Zalman makes some of the sexiest air coolers on the planet.

v1.3 - Year 2012
  • Re-painted case without top and bottom panels with matt back and lots of dry/wet sanding
  • Sleeved front I/O cables
  • Sleeved PSU cables for Seasonic X760
  • Removed entire HDD cages, only 5.25 bays left at this point

So this was what I had to do with the entire case again!
Two thing I should have done long time ago...
  1. Paint it matte black instead of glossy black
  2. Taking every thing apart before the paint job...

Sanding, sanding and sanding...

Ready for the prime

Lots lots of wet sanding, that's 5 hours of work right there

It was actually snowing outside, crazy huh?

More wet sanding for the final finish...Hoping to get it right this time

Time for some sleeving pictures

No more extension cables, direct cable sleevings are ready for the X760.

v1.4 - Year 2013
  • Re-spray painted the bottom panel as well as the rest of the case again!!! lol
  • Added custom HDD cages

Finally time to spray the bottom panel.
Basically I was using the system without top and bottom panel for over a year.

Just finished wet sanding after a few coat of prime

Wow, just sanded over my entire case again !!!

Final Result

What a lovely day today, so decided to take some more pictures! This time with the bottom panel painted and installed.

So that pretty much wraps up my past work from 2010-2013.

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