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v1.5 - Year 2014
  • Removed stock honeycomb 140mm grill and modded it to fit dual 120mm fans for the top panel
  • Carbon fiber mod with and dual 120mm acrylic grill on top panel
  • Removed 5.25'' bays completely (rest is history!)

RIP honeycombs

There were four mounting holes for the 140mm, so had to make sure they were not in the way.

Last shot before the cut


Took me forever to sand off the existing paint.

Completely removed all 5.25'' bays, which means wet sanding and spray painting all over again.

Top panel after priming, looking good

Time for more spray paint!

A pair of these Gelid Wings would look great inside the case!

Love how they match with my sleeving.

Let's hope I won't have to spray paint this part all over.

Time to apply some carbon fiber.

Pre-cut the sheet first, notice how I left some gap between left and right.

Can't wait to put it on already.

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