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Case is going to arrive tomorrow! biggrin.gif but no word when my motherboard will show up though :/
This is my first major change. So what do you guys do when changing motherboards?

Anyways. I currently have a Corsair TX650 (V2) PSU and that's a lot of unnecessary cables. So I was thinking of going down to a semi-modular, if not fully modular, PSU. I really do want one of the RM series PSUs from Corsair but Newegg has a $20 rebate offer going on right now with the CX M PSU line. So according to PC Partpicker my proposed build has an estimated wattage of 339W.
Would the CX430M be enough or should I go up to the CX500M?

Forgot to mention that I've never overclocked my i5-2500K but feel like I've been missing on its full potential and have been thinking about OC'ing it finally.

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