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Currently have a modded bios I did that just changed the fan speed and voltages. Here is my stock bios backup -
GK104.zip 57k .zip file
EVGA 660ti Reference. Voltage to 1.212. Would like minimum fan speed to be 10% and max 100%. No throttling, and set the base clock to 980mhz, and memory to 1750. Set the boost limit to 13XX so I can manually overclock it to find stable. Then after that can I open up the bios myself, and if the only thing I change is the base clock to the stable I found it will work the same correct? Thanks a lot. I really want to learn about this bios editing for gpu stuff. Seems very interesting. You rock man! And if you have time can you explain how you achieve no throttling? As I said i want to learn biggrin.gif

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