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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post

GK104-980-1750-1.21V-300WTDP.zip 179k .zip file

I'm not sure if the fans will spin as low as 10% but I set the value so you have to test it out yourself. 100% fan is now available.

No throttling is kind of hard to achieve in 6XX cards since GPU boost 1.0 monitors the temperatures and starts throttling at 70C. I have, however, expanded the power limitation for the card so if you can keep it cool, it'll clock as high as possible without throttling.

thanks bro! +rep for sure. Also if i edit the bios myself and just change the core clock to what i find stable it will work fine right?
*edit* does the boost table have to be raised for the card to clock higher as well? Since its maximum atm is 1202

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