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Originally Posted by Partol View Post

That screenshot shows power consumption at only 90.4% of TDP.
1397MHz at 1.168V is very nice.

I spent some time moding my bios and went from
1215-1228MHz at 1.062-1.068V
1268MHz at 1.062-1.068V
+250 memory
298-299 khash/s

I am focusing on efficiency and stability and not max OC.
Would love to know all your overclocks because it may help me to OC higher.

Didn't notice I got it at 90%, it was bouncing between 97-99 most of the time.

1398/1695 ~322khs
1388/1644 ~312khs
1370/1659 ~309khs
1393/1680 ~314khs
1369/1614 ~307 khs

The first one is the one that is plugged into the 2.0x16 slot the rest are in x1 slots so you can really see the difference there.
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