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Thanks for the tips and pointers guys! With your help, I managed to optimize my system even further in terms of power usage: I removed the –H 1 flag, undervolted my CPU (-0.100V compared to stock) and played around in the BIOS and now my power usage is as follows:

Complete System Power Usage
Idle without 750TI installed: 30W
Idle with 750TI OC +135/+635: 34W
Load with 750TI OC +135/+635: 112W

I.e. the 750TI OCed uses 112-30 = 82W under load

For a 6 card setup that would be 6x82 + 30 = 522W, let's say 530W. That’s a difference of 590-530 = 60W compared to before. Nice!

I’m now getting 320 kh/s which is slightly lower than before but still not bad. I have to run Chrome as well, else I get around 300 kh/s.

I’ll be getting my risers this Wednesday if all goes well. Then I can update you with the real world numbers.


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