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Originally Posted by AlphaC View Post

HardwareDecoder , the 6-pin is going to provide more stable power than a "made in china" PCI-e riser with some solder, hot glue, and maybe a capacitor wink.gif. The safe allowable wattage really depends on the wire gauge used by the riser. I'm pretty sure cam wasn't trying to be snarky.

As far as the AMD motherboards go it's iffy. Some people have reported issues with decreased hashrate compared to running them on the board , the cudaminer dev conjectured that it's because of added resistance of PCI-e risers to the Northbridge
Chrome with a flash game open forces the GPU to go into 3D mode

Nvidia has a bad habit of trying to save power (throttle) even when a 100% non-3D load is on it.


ccRicers , it's worth it if you can get the GTX 750 Ti for cheaper than $170 if your power is expensive.

Gigabyte GTX 750 Ti update
user then got 290+ kh/s using 32 bit cudaminer

reasoning: http://www.reddit.com/r/dogemining/comments/1zek7b/the_x86_version_of_cudaminer_always_give_me/cft3ta2

hey good info the 32bit ver gave me another 10 khash I'm at 305 now

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