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Originally Posted by HardwareDecoder View Post

it really does, people love to bash AMD linux drivers but setitng up OpenCL was alot easier than the guides i've seen to get cuda to work.

I will have to do it eventually though because I really don't like windows for production machines.
Thank god I can run BAMT for the dozens of 280x's I have.

Problem with linux is we need software to overclock or for someone to show us how to change clocks in bios for the 750 ti.

I had pmed that skyn3t guy on here that is an nvidia bios guy but he wasn't interested in helping us redface.gif

I don't even use BAMT. I followed the Cryptobadger guide mostly and have been running Xubuntu on an old Athlon 64 system and Cgminer 2.11. Mining has been a breeze for the most part. I was just stumped when it came to Vertcoin and solo mining on Linux. I like doing all of that through SSH. With Windows as a remote machine I feel more "locked out" as it's not as simple to control them remotely.
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