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Originally Posted by gfgrimm View Post

I installed WIndows 7 x64...sure enough...GPU's scaled, system is buttery stable, and now I could individually tune my GPUs with individual over clock settings ala MSI AB. This is how I now achieve ~1760 kH/s on six cards.

I've accepted that my investment in ASUS 750 Ti's was a bad choice, and I'm dealing with it. The MEM CLK's wont OC worth a **** compared to the Zotac Cards. Cooling is not an issue nor is availability of power.

I love you ! You saved my day ! I've installed windows 7 x64 and now got my 1740kh with 6 MSI 750Ti TF with overclock +135/+300 ... Yay . I'm happy now after like a week of experiencing with stupid win 8.1

Thanks a lot !

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