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Originally Posted by Matt-Matt View Post

Alike past generations the second fastest card is the best value, a 290 is really good value if you can get a good price.

A 290x has more cores and is clocked a bit faster, but gaming/mining performance isn't really noticeable. (Within 1FPS difference, but that's just the clockspeed basically)

I would get a 290 myself, oh wait I did. biggrin.gif

In response to the reply above, sure in Valley it nets 5-6 FPS more but right now it's not a lot better and not really worth the ~$100 price premium. (It's more here in Australia so I'm more biased..)

At the moment, there's only a £40 difference between the 290 and 290X. The question is, should I spend the extra £40 for the 290X?
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