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Originally Posted by TheLAWNOOB View Post

The Z87 OC and OC Formula is a little overkill.

Originally Posted by HothBase View Post

You'd need water cooling and bracket modding to run 5-6 cards on any board without risers though.

I personally got the ASRock H81 Pro BTC. It's cheap and has all the slots needed as long as you're using risers, but price and availability depends on where you live, as usual.

Again, risers...risers here cost 450 pesos each, and they make you lose hash rate with nvidia cards.
The z87x-oc is 4000 pesos, and the h81 pro btc costs 100 pesos less.
Price difference just isn't worth it when you factor in the cost of risers.

I know it's a particular case scenario but risers are a pain in the arse if you work with a gazillion rigs and these cards are perfectly capable of running stacked without over heating cause of the low tdp.
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