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Originally Posted by ivanlabrie View Post

At stock, nah, try ocing the memory, your settings are fine.
You could try to return and exchange them maybe? I'm looking hard at the Msi gaming oc without 6 pin, it's really convenient that it has excellent memory chips and can run off whatever psu you got.
For my main rig though, I'm not sure what to pick since my pci-e slots don't have auxiliary molex/pci-e power for the slots. (x79-ud3)
I'm sure it can take the abuse, if it supports 4 gpus out of the box anyway, but not 100% sure.
You won't get much more out of that PNY card, I heard they don't do as well as the msi gaming oc or zotac cards. Those seem to be the two best so far. As well as the Galaxy gc and the Asus Dcu (technically, although the report I saw of the Asus one was a bit disappointing compared to the Zotac).

Its interesting that you say the MSI has superior memory because the one user here running MSI and Zotac found that the memory doesnt overclock well and it delivers subpar khs. Any card that cant give 300+khs stable isnt worth the time or money. I'll find out tonight I guess, I have 3xPNY OCs, 2 MSIs and 2 Asus cards coming in to do some comparisons with, already have 5 EVGA FTWs. Contemplating getting some of the other 2 EVGA cards to see if they can match my FTWs output.
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