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Originally Posted by ivanlabrie View Post

Again, risers...risers here cost 450 pesos each, and they make you lose hash rate with nvidia cards.
The z87x-oc is 4000 pesos, and the h81 pro btc costs 100 pesos less.
Price difference just isn't worth it when you factor in the cost of risers.
I know it's a particular case scenario but risers are a pain in the arse if you work with a gazillion rigs and these cards are perfectly capable of running stacked without over heating cause of the low tdp.

Sure, but sec0nd2n0ne requested a board that could run 5-6 cards, which implies the use of risers. Like I said, price varies and I don't know the situation in the Philippines, but the H81 Pro BTC should cost about a third of the GA-Z87X-OC's price in most places.

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