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Started a quick switch panel to override the dew point monitoring of the Arqtik controllers. Basically just wire in a switch on one leg of the ambient temp sensor, so when you toggle it the temp sensor goes open short, which is registered as a "0" by the Arqtik controllers firmware. That will let you override the dew point protection and target 0c regardless of ambient and humidity, without having to take it apart and run the TEC directly from the PSU. Flip the switch back, and the ambient is detected properly again, giving you full control down to 1* above current dew point to save power or prevent condensation if its not insulated.

Used a covered toggle switch to prevent it from accidentally being turned on and eating tons of power. Putting a second one right next to it, then installing two LCD temp readouts next to them to show coolant temp of the Hot and Cold sides.

I'll finish it when the second LCD temp display comes in.

(The temp display you see there is not what I am using, I was just testing it with that. It is an ANCIENT display from an old Thermaltake Hardcano bay bus/fan controller. The mess of wires are from a 5v adapter that I spliced a molex on for testing stuff like that...I also have an old external CDROM 12v PSU that I did the same thing for testing 12v molex devices and bleeding watercooling loops smile.gif. )

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