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Originally Posted by Shazberries View Post

@PC-Illiterate So you are suggesting that I do not try and add more than one set of holes, and make it per order?
I was kind of hoping to be able to do the slotted hole (53.2mm -54), 58mm and a 51mm x 61mm holes. Do you really think this would be too weak to do?
Would you suggest just doing an AMD bracket and an Nvidia bracket. AMD with the slotted hole and the Nvidia with the 58mm and 51mm x 61mm?

you could probably get away with a slotted amd hole and the nvidia 58mmsquare hole. you would need a heavy washer to keep even pressure im sure. the slot and the hole would probably be close and be weak without a washer. im not a metric mathematician (yes i spelled that without spell correct tongue.gif) though.
the 51mm part of the 51x61 would basically be right on the 53.2mm hole. you would up with a slot that goes up and then 90* to the right. that would definitely be a weak point. MIGHT be ok with a heavy washer there also. it all depends on what it looks like when its done obviously. im still not a metric man...

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