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Originally Posted by pc-illiterate View Post

you could probably get away with a slotted amd hole and the nvidia 58mmsquare hole. you would need a heavy washer to keep even pressure im sure. the slot and the hole would probably be close and be weak without a washer. im not a metric mathematician (yes i spelled that without spell correct tongue.gif) though.
the 51mm part of the 51x61 would basically be right on the 53.2mm hole. you would up with a slot that goes up and then 90* to the right. that would definitely be a weak point. MIGHT be ok with a heavy washer there also. it all depends on what it looks like when its done obviously. im still not a metric man...

So you are suggesting 1 hole that is for the 58mm hole and 1 slotted hole that does the 53.2-54mm slot as well as an arm that covers 51x61mm? The holes would end up looking like a "y" then an extra hole? I really like the idea of making it universal because then I don't have to worry about making different models.
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