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Originally Posted by 2jzohno View Post

Have you considered mocking up one for Coolit designed pumps? H60, H80i, H100i etc

Sorry, I do not think I will be doing a bracket for square mounts, and If I do, it will definitely be after I figure out the brackets with circular mounts. I do plan to do brackets with and without fan mounts however. smile.gif
Oh, and my reasoning for not wanting to do the square bracket is simple, it seems more difficult and most coolers are circular, sorry!
Originally Posted by richie_2010 View Post

3mm holes are perfectly fine, however use m2 2mm thick screws as some older cards use smaller screw holes for the heat sinks.
the only way i know for the square pumps is the old dwood square but i think that was even more limited due to size and it being sat on the card.

i decided to do a universal approach for both style pumps with my 2 point bracket which works really well and gives alot of flexibility to the user. because i cant cut mine myself i had a large batch made and i would say do the same.

if you need any help/any questions send me a pm

Ok, so 3mm holes are fine as long as I get 2mm thick screws... And could you help me with my holes around the bracket circle itself? I figured the way I did it would give the most flexibility, however if you say you have a better way, by all means, let me know! I am very open to suggestions...
Originally Posted by pc-illiterate View Post

most pcb are drilled for 4mm and/or 8-32 bolts i believe. it would depend on that size and what size nut/bolt/washer combo you supply. minimum screw/nut/washer size is going to be 3mm. and using my rads as an example, 3mm threads are weak. good 8-32 should work for bolts because i think thats what swiftech supplies with their uni blocks.
you really should slot the 53(.2) holes to allow for actual 54mm mounting. you dont want someone complaining because they used your bracket and chipped, possibly cracking their pcb while tightening your bracket down. a 7950/70 would be expensive to replace.

I don't know if I'm understanding this correctly... Are you saying that 3mm would be too small and I should make my holes 4mm? And I am still experimenting with the holes around the cooler part of the bracket... I have friends with AMD cards and potentially the ability to use a 3D printer at my school. So I will update when I have more news.

As for now, I have the first prototype done and hopefully I can 3D print it just to see how it looks and feels on my PCB!

IMPORTANT: One quick thing, I cannot talk about the selling or you guys buying these because I am not an artisan and I have been contacted by a mod and told so. So if you do post something about buying my design, it will be deleted by a mod. frown.gif

Thanks for all the help so far!
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