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uh oh.
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Guess it's time I finally create a build log, I'm in vacation so I've got some free time lol.
First build log so I'll be picking the format of some others around here, thanks to them (whoever they are)

Little side note on why did I started a new rig. I purchased two EVGA 780 Ti Kingpin Edition because I wanted it, kinda in an impulse. I figured that my actual cooling will not suffice to have fun with it so, new rig!

Let's begin with all the Computer parts:

The cooling parts:

Next, some pictures! biggrin.gif

#1 The EVGA 780 Ti Kingpin Edition pictures
#3 MB+CPU+RAM and block assembly.
#4 What the MB and graphic card look like.
#5 The Caselabs SMA8!
#6 Component in the case and missing goods list.
#7 Missing watercooling components arrival!
#8 PSU clearance and radiators assembly check. +fitting pictures.
#9 Tubing in progress...
#10 D5 cover kit, EVGA Supernova 1300G2 and sleeved cable kit, sleeving.
#11 Pictures of (almost) final state.
#12 Benchmarks results here, here and here(work in progress)
#13 Final pictures.

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