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Here is what is hands down the greatest innovation in crypto-coin history and I will explain why:





You have all heard of them, some of the worst diseases known to man.  Many of you have probably lost loved ones or have had to or currently have to watch them suffer from these diseases.

There has been for some time research going on at Stanford University.  Using GPU/CPU compute power to study and "fold" proteins that could lead to potential cures and understandings of the above mentioned diseases.  This will take many years to accomplish and has been a growing community of volunteers.  Now times have changed and Curecoin is born.

Most of us cant afford or choose not to fold due to lack of money, unaware of folding or just plain greed.  Now even the greedy can give back with CureCoin. Start folding today and you could be the one extra piece that saves a life.  If there was ever a coin to join together on this is it.  If there was ever a coin to bring good to the world this is it.  Stop mining new coins, stop mining useless coins, STOP MINING.  Its time to fold for a cause, and maybe get a bit in a return to cover costs.  

In December 2013 bitcoin hashrate was a estimated average of about 10,000,000 ghash.

At that time the power consumption of bitcoin was estimated to cost $15 million dollars EVERYDAY!

Blockchain.info no longer releases power consumption information.

Currently Bitcoin hashrate is about 80,000,000gh and although some machines have gotten better (more hash per watt) the consumption still increases.

This does not even include any of the alt-coins many of us mine today.

You do the math, Stop wasting power! CureCoin uses that power towards real scientific use!

Even if using ASIC to mine the sha side of CureCoin you are still supporting a great cause. Pull out those ant-miners and donate some power for once instead of wasting it!

There has never been a bigger reason to dedicate to a coin.  Not pure speculation, but LIFE CHANGING effects.  Folding is now a paying gig and there should and will be millions jumping on board.  Check it out you could be the one to save a life.

This will forever be the best opportunity for the mining community to do something good.  Please join us in finding the cure. Never stop folding!

Also as a side benefit folding takes much less power and heat then standard scrypt mining. So not only will you be supporting a great cause but your power bill wont be so bad either!

https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=603757.0 for more information and to start folding for Cure!!

(P.S. I am in no way affiliated with CureCoin nor the development team.  I dont have a ton of CureCoin (20 total as of 5/16/2014) as I don't have much hash nor money to invest. I have been around folding since the beginning and have always been too poor to afford the extra power bill.  This coin has been a savior to give me something I can use in return for something I always wanted to give anyways.)
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