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So let's have a look at the first step of my mod:


Drive cages that face front-to-back are great for access to mounting screws for the drives, but they suck for cable management and inserting/removing the actual drives from a full case. I'm rotating the lower drive bay for this purpose, and I'll have to figure out later what to do about mounting screw access (or converting somehow to toolless mounting).

Let's take a closer look at the offending drive cage:


As you can see, it's riveted in at the bottom and back. It's also clipped into the 5.25 bay above it, but that's no big deal. So lets start by freeing Willy from his bonds of servitude.


And the drive cage is free. Free like the wind. Free like... something free. (Please ignore the bit of rust there, by the time this mod is done, it will be a distant memory.)

So let's shove it back in, all twisted and turned right round:


Looks good to me as a "hey will this work" kind of trial run. But what we really need to do is some measurin' and cypherin' to make sure it's straight and that we leave enough gap for some 120mm fans later. The first step is to make sure it's square, which I did by shoving an old 13GB HDD in there. Yeah, I kept a 13GB HDD. Bet it still works too...

And the measurin'. I left a little over 40mm between the front metal panel and the cage. That should be plenty of room for either 25mm or 38mm thick fans. Had to leave a little extra, so you can get them around the lip at the edge of the frame.


And with that done, now we mark and drill our mounting holes at the bottom.


And last of all, stick some temporary screws in the holes to hold it still while I work on the top alignment.

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